Thursday, March 29, 2018

You're the Boss! Vote for the Next Skirt Pattern

The bright ladies over at The Monthly Stitch have deemed April Miss Bossy month. The theme is to choose 3 unused stash patterns and let your readers choose. Sounds easy!

That means YOU get to decide what I'm making next month!

Lately I've been rethinking my SWAP plans. Thanks to a number of failed projects, I'm pretty far behind on that project and reconsidering my pattern choices. The deadline is at the end of next month and I'm not sure if I can actually make a good fitting pair of pants in that time. Whether or not I can the reality is I'm really tired of trying. I've made a number of ill-fitting slopers these last 3 months and I'm over pants at the moment.

However, I still need to use up the cotton sateen I bought specifically for this challenge, so why not make a skirt instead?

I hunted through my stash for the right A-line skirt with front pockets that I could wear casually or to work and found thees. Please vote in the little widget below or in the sidebar. Voting is open until 4/4! I'll post about the winning pattern the following day.

McCalls 7414: an out-of-print pattern which I would add pockets to

McCall's 6361: basically the perfect starting template

Simplicity 8175: a more fashion-forward option

Thank you for voting!

Which skirt pattern should I make?


  1. Great patterns. I'm a little bit behing and just openend my voting pole:

    1. I voted for the black and white combo!