Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cataloging My Pattern Stash - McCall's Patterns

I might have a problem.

I like patterns. A lot. Especially when I was first starting out and saw all the shiny things, I wanted them all!

The problem is that our tiny condo has zero storage, so organizing my stash is a bit of a nightmare.

That still doesn't stop me from buying more...

I could move into a warehouse dedicated solely to my pattern collection and would probably outgrow that pretty quickly too. BUT WHEN WILL I GET TO MAKING ALL OF THEM?

You see my conundrum?

It's silly, really. But here we are. And I need a better tracking system.

I know there are several apps out there for this kind of thing. Colette suggests 6 different ones. I've personally used Evernote (too buggy), Excel (not portable), and most recently, Sortly. That last one seems to be working out. It even has a barcode scanner so a good majority of the inputting is already done for me.

But I also thought it would be good to chart my progress here at PF HQ, so I've listed them below by category and whether or not they have been made and/or blogged.

And of course, this is only part one of three or possibly four. I have never actually cataloged all my indie patterns and there are at least 50 of those.


Maybe my new year's resolution should be along the lines of a no-buy...

Divided by category. OOP denotes "out of print."

M6558 - woven
M6559 - woven or knit (OOP, includes short topper)
M6696 - woven - THE shirt dress everyone has made, except me, because buttonholes
M6744 - knit (OOP) - made twice
M6754 - knit - made once
M6886 - knit
M6953 - woven - with cup sizes
M7015 - woven
M7090 - woven
M7160 - knit - with cup sizes
M7314 - woven  - with cup sizes
M7321 - woven - attempted once
M7352 - woven
M7384 - knit
M7405 - woven - attempted once
M7432 - knit
M7465 - knit - attempted once
M7532 - woven
M7533 - woven or knit
M7536 - woven - attempted once
M7566 - woven
M7591 - knit - made once

Dress & top combo pattern
M6752 - knit (OOP) - made once
M7407 - knit
M7563 - woven - made once
M7603 - woven - made once

M6044 - woven - made twice (aka M9234)
M6972 - woven

M7549 - woven

M6361 - woven
M5894 - woven
M7445 - woven

M6083 - woven or knit - made once
M7384 - knit

M6654 - knit
M7363 - knit (OOP)
M7414 - woven (OOP)

M6992 - knit
M7660 - knit

M6354 - woven (OOP)
M6399 - woven or knit (OOP)
M6467 - woven (OOP)
M6563 - woven (OOP)
M6750 - woven
M6751 - knit
M6841 - knit (OOP) - the zebra top
M6964 - knit
M7051 - woven (OOP)
M7251 - woven (OOP)
M7358 - woven
M7360 - woven
M7391 - woven
M7445 - knit
M7508 - woven - with cup sizes
M7542 - woven - attempted once

I'll continue to update this and future lists with any additional makes, posts, and pattern hauls. Because there will always be more patterns!

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